Yoga has really gained in popularity in recent years and this form of exercise can now be found in almost every city in the world. Yoga possesses so many benefits and one of which is its ability to improve your concentration. Concentration is something which helps in so many aspects of your life, it can help you in your work, in your personal life and in general it can help you to become a more effective and more organized person.

So how can this form of exercise aid you when it comes to concentration? Let’s take a look at the ways in which yoga can help you out when it comes to your ability to concentrate.

Salutation Seal

This is a simple breathing exercise which can help you to clear the airways, get oxygen flowing to the brain, clear your mind and ultimately help you to better concentrate. Sit cross-legged on the floor and place your hands as if you were praying. In this position you simply need to take deep breaths and try your best to clear your mind with each breath.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Another breathing exercise which can help to flush the cobwebs out of your mind. Sit in the same position as the salutation seal, legs crossed, use your thumb to close off one nostril at a time and take deep breaths before switching nostrils. After 5 minutes of this, you need to close your right nostril and inhale, then switch to the left nostril and exhale, repeat this for at least 10 minutes.

Crane Pose

For this pose you must get into a squat position with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your palms in front of you on the floor. Gradually tilt your body weight forward and hold the position as you take deep breaths. Eventually you should be aiming to bring your feet off the floor as you inhale and exhale.

Tree Stand

Another balancing position is the tree stand, these balance positions are great for concentration practice. Stand up straight, legs shoulder-width apart, bend your right knee and take it with both hands. Gain your balance and then hold this position for 30 seconds before alternating legs. The key to this is form and you should aim to hold your balance with excellent form, feet facing forward and head straight.

Seated Forward Bend

This is a simple pose which will greatly help you in terms of your breathing exercises and your concentration. Sit on the floor, feet out in front, and back straight. As you inhale, you should place your arms above you head to open up your chest cavity and stretch your spine, as you exhale you should reach towards your feet and bend you hips. This pose will help you to really fill your lungs up with air and help you focus on breathing right through your body.

You may not think that breathing exercises can greatly help with concentration but they really can, give it a try!

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