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Blockfolio – a review

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics in the world right now and this new form of currency looks set to change the shape of things to come. From what started out as a pipe dream, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has proven to the world that it is a able alternative to traditional money and more and more investors and businesses are getting on board with the varying cryptocurrencies that are out there.

As an indication of this, Bitcoin’s price has risen in just over 4 years from a value of around $40 each, to $5000 each, a huge increase which nobody saw coming. Thanks to this increase in popularity and knowledge of cryptocurrencies, more people are looking to get i on the action and today we are going to review an application which allows you to buy Bitcoin, direct from your phone. Let’s take a look at Blockfolio to see how it stacks up.

What is it?

The idea of this application is to offer users full management of their cryptocurrency portfolio, users can check prices in real time, manage their investments as well as being able to buy and sell cryptocurrency in the drop of a hat.


Having made my way through 5 or 6 of these types of applications already, I was very happy to find that the interface on Blockfolio was far more user friendly than its competitors. Here you will see no aggressive advertisements or annoying pop-ups, but instead a well put together and non-congested overview of what is going on with your investments. The menus and the categories are easy to see, you can simply filter various searches and all-in-all, the inert face is super easy to use and friendly on the eyes too.


I love the fact that the application will allow you to set alerts for when the prices of your investments or your potential investments move up and down. Simply set your alert for a certain dollar amount and you can sleep safely knowing that the app will wake you up should anything go up or down.


The holdings section of the app is really the best place togged an overview of your positions and in a one page image, you can see exactly what is going on. As with other areas of the app, it is the simplicity which makes Blockfolio so good and I love the fact that it shows your gains and losses at the top of the screen to keep you on point.

Additional Features

Unlike the competition, Blockfolio features a really extensive news section of the app which you can filter into whichever crypto you are looking to find out about. I have not had any dealings with customer service but they look simple enough to get in contact with and you can find a phone number and  email address within the application.

Overall Score

I absolutely lobe this app and I have been using it for around 5 months now without a single glitch, I can manage my portfolio easily and the app seamlessly does everything that it says it will, I give this 5 stars and I would encourage you to download it.

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How many credit cards should you have?

A 2016 study carried out by Gallup, found that around 3 out of 4 households in the USA have at least one credit card, in spite of this popularity of taking credit, managing it is a very different story. In fact, a 2015 investigation from Nerd Wallet, actually found that the average household credit card debt was as high as $15,000. These statistics do beg the question then, how many credit cards should you have.

The answer to this question comes down to responsibility, and how well you are able to manage your credit card debt. Assuming you are not very good at managing debt, the answer is 0 or 1 at the very most and the 1 should have a low limit so that you can learn to better manage. Assuming that you are a responsible person when it comes to your finances, multiple cards are a great idea and here is why.

Reap The Benefits 

For those who are able to among their credit cards, one of the best reason to use multiple cards is to be able to reap the rewards which come with using credit cards. Different credit card companies will offer different benefits for usage, some may offer or miles, others may offer benefits and discounts and some will allow you to amass points with you can then use in lieu of actual cash. Using multiple credit cards can really help you to make the most of all of the offers available.

Boosting Your Credit Score

When you use more than one credit card, your FICO score is greatly impacted and it helps to improve your debt-to-credit utilization ratio which is how FICO measure how much credit you can get. This is of course assuming that you are able to manage multiple credit cards and meet at the very least, the minimum payment each month.  If you are looking to take out larger credit in the future for a big purchase, then using multiple credit cards can put you in a strong position to do just that.

Easier Bookkeeping

If you are self-employed or urn your own business then you could use a different credit card for each are alf your life so that you can not only reap the benefits of rewards and improve your overall credit score, but also so that they become much easier to manage. If you are able to view one credit card statement and instantly know that it was for business expenses, rather than poring over each statement to highlight which purchase was for which aspect of your life, then this will make your life a great deal easier.


In short then, the truth is that if you are able to manage your debt in a responsible way, you should take as many credit cards as possible so that you can enjoy the benefits. If you re not responsible then keep it to a minimum, or none at all.