Reading is very much like a muscle in that the more you do it, the better you can become at it. Many of us will have read books through our schools years and perhaps a little after but many of us are also guilty of not reading enough. Reading helps your vocabulary, helps you to gain knowledge and can be highly entertaining. In order to get back into your reading ways, here are 5 books which you need to read.

Frankenstein: Mary Shelley 

Few cautionary tales are told in the same way as the outstanding classic ‘Frankenstein’. Originally conceived as a ghost story, a then-18 year old Mary Shelley went on to create a story that will live with humanity forever and serve as a warning to those looking to control too much. The essence of the story is a Swiss medical student who seeks to create life using body parts and electricity, the result will leave you shocked, scared and most definitely wiser.

Translations : Brian Friel

A perfect book to introduce you back into reading is Translations, an excellent play from Irish playwright Brian Friel. The play is about the ‘mapping’ or colonization by the English of an old Irish village and the play explores the use and the power that language has on our identity and our actions.

God is Not Great: Christopher Hitchens

In a time where religion is as important as ever, the eloquent and self-confessed antitheist Christopher Hitchens’ book God is not Great is perhaps more relevant than when he wrote it a decade ago. This book is an unrelenting and scathing attack on the ‘poison’ that is religion and takes apart the belief system piece by piece with class, aplomb and plenty of fact-based study.

The Four Hour Work Week : Tim Ferriss 

A book that set a precedent for a generation of digital nomads and part-time workers, Time Ferriss’ work week is a radical explanation of a new world and a new way of working. Ferriss has unearthed a working theory which nobody before him had and for anyone who is looking to change their life, the way the way and the way in which they live, this book is as important as the Bible.

Discworld : Terry Pratchett

Technically this is a series of books, 39 to be exact about the wanderings of a hapless wizard in a world very familiar to our own. A fantasy book with a difference that has delighted both adults and children for many years. Even for those who are not fans of the fantasy genre, the prose and style which Pratchett offers his readers is impossible to ignore and it will tempt you in and leave you wanting more with each passage that you read. We have become obsessed with Netflix shows in recent years but I can tell you that none of  them can compare to the laughs and jaw dropping moments of this outstanding book collection.

What are your favorite books to read? Let us know in the comments section below this post.

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